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Mobile Spy-BoxCell phones are one of the most useful gadgets which has become a part of our daily life. In certain circumstances, cell phone data/usage has to be monitored or even spied. In order to monitor the usage of cell phones, there are many cell phone spy software apps introduced in the market today.

The prime benefit of cell phone spy software is that it allows you to remotely monitor the activities that take place in any phone supported by the software. Although, several cell phone monitoring apps exist in the market today, you should ensure that you choose an feature rich and most reliable monitoring app that fulfills all your monitoring requirements. The software when installed on your phone should work in stealth mode without giving the slightest of clues to the target user. Mobile Spy is one such app that works flawlessly and monitors smallest of activities of your cell phone.

About Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is one of the oldest, feature rich and the best cell phone monitoring software in the market today that supports iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian operating system. The software uses some advanced techniques to monitor cell phones, and also ensures that the monitoring process is secure and stealthy. Mobile Spy operates independently without relying on the text messages and calls of the target phone to record activities which is required by some similar software in the market . It is highly useful for parents who are concerned about their children as they can keep a close watch on them. Also, employers can benefit from this software as they can closely monitor their employees covertly.

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Company Information

Retina-X Studios is the developer of Mobile Spy Software. The company introduced many spy software programs for its outsourced clients and then developed independent spy software applications by marketing under its own brand name. One of the chief applications known as AceSpy was commercially set up in 2003. Then, a series of other spying software apps were introduced such as Mobile Spy and Net Spy Pro. This company became highly successful in the industry for offering reliable software to its customers.

The company received positive response through magazines such as Computer Buyer, PC Pro, Computer Shopper, and Reader’s Digest. The global team of Mobile Spy comprises of many experts dedicated to lend a helping hand to users to learn the truth. The company offers full-fledged features with complete step-by-step instructions and solid support for all its customers.

How Does Mobile Spy Work?

After purchasing the software, you need to install an application to a Mobile Spy_02(1)compatible cell phone that you wish to monitor. The hidden monitoring app uploads all activities silently on a private online account. The details of your cell phone can be checked by logging in online anytime.

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Mobile Spy Features

LIVE Control Panel

  • LIVE Control Panel: Mobile Spy stands out to be one of the best as it offers LIVE Control Panel like no other company in the mobile spying software industry. The software allows you to perform surveillance LIVE and controls your smartphone regardless of its location. This is an optional add-on feature that can be purchased for $39.97 per year.
  • Text Messages (SMS): The Mobile Spy software has the ability to log every text message even when the logs are deleted from the smartphone. It allows you to view full texts. In addition to full text, users can also retrieve the time and the contact details of the recipient. This feature is highly beneficial, especially for parents as their kids mostly interact with their friends and acquaintances through text messages.

Call log

  • Call Logs: The calls made from the target cell phone can be retrieved through the software. The details of every incoming and outgoing call are logged in addition to timestamp and duration. With the help of this feature, users can figure out if their child, employee, or spouse is making extensive calls to any specific number.
  • URL Logs: There are many unauthorized or unacceptable websites that are often browsed by children or employees that may be inappropriate. If you think that your employee is spending more time browsing some of the entertainment sites during office hours, then it may impact their productivity, and similarly, children may lose focus on their academics. Therefore, Mobile Spy offers this feature wherein the users can check addresses of the websites visited through the cell phone’s browser.
  • GPS Location Logs: The location of the cell phones can be tracked through Mobile Spy. The software uploads the GPS positions at regular intervals, which is linked to a map. This feature comes in best use when your child goes missing, or when your employee is whiling away time outside the office premises or while traveling.

Photo & Video log

  • Video & Photo Logs: The photos and videos captured through the smartphone can be recorded and viewed by users. You can check if there are any obscene pictures or videos being captured, exchanged or downloaded by your children, and take necessary steps to prevent such activities taking place in the future.
  • Email Logs: All activities related to emailing such as incoming and outgoing emails are recorded. With the help of this feature, employers can keep a close watch on the emails exchanged by their employees and also ensure that the company’s information is not being shared with outsiders, or your rivals.
  • Other Features: In addition to these features, there are many other features such as social networking logs, messenger logs, calendar and tasks, remote uninstalling, cell ID locations, Gmail logs, and many more.

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Uses of Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy has the ability to reveal the truth to the user, regardless of whether it’s for his company or family. Users can learn every single detail about their text messages, calls, web browser, and other cell phone details simply by logging into the online Mobile Spy with the help of your computer or laptop that’s connected to the internet. Some of the common uses of Mobile Spy have been discussed in the following paragraphs.

  • Monitor Your Employees: Cell phones are being circulated to majority Mobile Spyof employees of many organizations. The prime agenda of distributing cell phones to employees is to ensure that the day to day operations of the company are managed well without any obstacles or hindrances. However, many companies end up spending enormous amount every month on cell phone bills used by employees.

With the help of Mobile Spy, employers can track the cell phones used by employees. An employees call logs or his GPS locations during office hours will give a clear picture of an employees activities.

  • Monitor Teen Cell Phone Use: Teenagers have all the dangers at their fingertips as far as internet is concerned. There are software introduced in the market to ensure the safety of children on a computer, and likewise Mobile Spy monitors the children’s activities performed through their cell phones. Text messaging is indeed very common among today’s young children and hence parents should know what their kid is doing on the mobile phone. Also, parents should check if their teens are texting while driving to ensure their safety.

Mobile Spy records the activities of the cell phone used by your child. You can install an application on your child’s phone silently and retrieve all text messages, call details, and GPS locations. Even if your child deletes all logs of calls and text messages, it does not really matter as the details get stored in your secured account that can be viewed by you anytime.

  • Backup Cell Phone Information: Most people utilize their smartphones to the fullest. As the usage of smartphones has increased tremendously, many critical data are stored in the phone. With the help of Mobile Spy, users can backup their SMS, contact details, email logs and other data.
  • Catch a Cheating Spouse: If you think that your spouse is cheating, do not break a good relationship just because you are doubtful. You can use Mobile Spy to make sure that your spouse is cheating and you are not over suspicious.

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So, if you need to monitor the cell phone of your child or employee silently through cell phone monitoring software, you can choose Mobile Spy as its one of the most reliable and advanced monitoring solutions. There are many cell phone monitoring apps in the market, but they have limited features unlike Mobile Spy. In addition to offering advanced features to its users, it also provides best support. If you ever need assistance to get started, you can expect outstanding phone support from the USA based staff for seven days in a week. Thus, Mobile Spy users have reaped its benefits to the fullest.

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